With style and elegance, but convenience and simplicity of a gas stove. No need to refuel or worry about smoke emissions! A perfect centrepiece for any room in your house - it will create the warmth you desire while spreading that feeling throughout all parts inside easily with free shipping on mainland UK

Opus Melody LS

The classic Melody model but adding the textures and smell of the firewood into the mix. Some like the seamless lines of the doored model but others like to see the evening’s fuel, ready to...

Opus Melody Wood Burning Stove

The Melody is the truly classic Opus. No fuss, just lovely clean lines and a tall curved glass. You don’t need the hinged door on the bottom, but it gives it that sleek elegant look....

Opus Aria Stove

The Opus Aria lovely 5 kW, Eco Design Ready stove with the handle matching the height of the door.  The Aria is a bit more compact than the other Cylindrics and so can fit where...
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